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Communication Won’t Let You Down!

Communication Won’t Let You Down!
Spandau Ballet were right with their hit Communication, when it was played way back when, or were they?

Over the weekend, we found ourselves without gas due to a gas explosion on a local building site. The gas network company have been brilliant in keeping us updated through social media and printed letters through our doors. There is no excuse these days not to communicate with our customers, existing and potential. In fact some may say that there are too many routes of communication, yet whether you chose to use one or a number of those communication channels, are you actually saying what your customers wants to hear (or read)?

I am still surprised as to how many businesses build a website and then sit back presuming their PR and marketing is done and wonder why the phones are not ringing. Of course in the first instance is that website talking to the target audience, but that is a topic for another blog post. Then there are those who may be communicating but not actually saying anything. What I mean is that they are making lots of noise but are they communicating the right message about who they are, their USPS, their products and their services?

So if I can make a suggestion this week, take time to think about whether your communication is a true reflection of you, your business, service or product. Then think about who you are talking to and what they want to hear, which ultimately means they become your customer.

That’s what I have been doing and so hence why I have written this blog!

Until next time.......... Mandy x
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