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Expectations of PR

Expectations of PR

I have said this before, the world of PR has changed but then what hasn’t changed over the years? However the one thing that hasn’t changed is the uncertainty as to how to measure return on investment on PR activities. If I had a £1 for every time I have heard someone say either “PR doesn’t work for small businesses” or “but how can I measure my investment in you”, I could have retired by now.

So let me answer both those common questions here and now.

Firstly what is PR? Ok maybe I should re phrase that, what do you think of as PR? For most it is simply about appearing in the media, and they are correct but PR is so much more than that.

PR is the perception of your business, it is the message / image you are portraying to your clients. It is the relationship between you, your employees (if relevant) and your customers. PR opens the door to your business showing your customer who you are and what and how your services and products can benefit them. PR is and can be for ALL types of businesses as it should be seen as a necessity not a luxury! Unfortunately it does also conjure up thoughts of tied contracts and costly retainers too.

To answer the second question in regards to return on investment, this is actually an open ended question as in fact what we need to ask is what are your expectations of PR?

What do you think it will bring to your business? What do you want to achieve with PR?Are you looking for a PR company to send out press releases and devise a campaign to raise awareness to your brand, product or service? Or are you in fact looking for something else?

Please note before I continue…….PR is NOT sales!!

When you employ someone to provide PR services in terms of creating a media buzz about your products and services then that is what you are investing in, and they will work their hardest to attain coverage (which is getting harder and harder anyway – but that’s for another time). But PR is not sales and so by being in the paper does not guarantee sales and that is why it is even more important to ensure that your marketing is right and you are able to fulfil the needs of your clients!
This is where I come in, because I am not your usual PR business / person. Yes I can send out press releases and say how great your business is but I provide more than PR, which is difficult to give a label too although some have called it motivational marketing.

So what is the return on your investment if you work with me? Well, firstly you get me, not me initially then someone else, just me! Someone who has many years of experience in PR and marketing communications. Someone who rolls her sleeves up, gets involved and finds the heart of your business, then creates the message to portray truly what your business does. I provide direction and focus, offering advice and support to ensure your business is talking to the right audience in the right way. Then as and when the time is right I will introduce you to my network of media contacts so you can then confidently appear in the media, but only if you are ready and if it is right for your business. Today business has to be flexible and that is how I work too, with a range of different services and packages to suit all.

PR is not rocket science and yes you can go on workshops, seminars, read books that tell you what you must do and how to do it BUT I believe that it needs someone from outside your business to be able to really capture the essence of who you are, what your business is about and clearly stating that core message to your target audience.

So I hope that this gives you more confidence in the importance of PR for your business and helps you evaluate your expectations about it and demonstrates the value of your investment.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help your business then call me or email me, I would like to hear from you!

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Tickled Pink with PR Coverage

Tickled Pink with PR Coverage
Well it certainly was full steam ahead when my client Andrew Tickle of Guardtop and producer of the Tickleberries 100% Aronia Juice won a UK Growers Award recently. We were fortunate enough to receive coverage of his success in a variety of publications, most recently in the Kent regional lifestyle magazine Verve who kindly printed the whole press release!

Entering awards can be beneficial for many businesses but they can also be just an excuse for a great night out, so choose wisely plus plan your entry ensuring that it meets with your current marketing and business objectives.
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