Foundations of Marketing Workshop Launch

Foundations of Marketing Workshop Launch

I am very excited to announce my very first Foundations of Marketing Workshop, which will be taking place in Whitstable on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

Having met and worked with many amazing small businesses, I have seen the struggle some experience when it comes marketing their business. They have been on many courses, seminars, read books, watched videos but this information overload has for some just caused additional stress and confusion.

So let's STOP this confusion and get to the core of your business.

I have also found that for some small business owners when they think about the marketing and PR of their business, it brings them out in a cold sweat! Also this important aspect of business is quite often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Plus with so much confusion, the overwhelming belief of "I have do everything" is in fact preventing any marketing activities happening or being effective.

My new Foundations of Marketing workshop is aimed at small business owners to help them gain a clearer understanding of their marketing needs, which are right for their business, not someone else’s. During the workshop we will work on stripping back the layers of their business to build new stronger marketing foundations.

There are just 6 places available as it is important to me that each business owner who attends gains maximum benefit from attending. However if demand is there I will create additional workshop dates. 

So if you would like to start building your marketing foundations and would like to book your place, email me for full details or via the contact form on the website.

Let's get building!

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