Some clients want more than a package or a specific service, they require all round, flexible support across their PR and marketing communications services. Public relations is the management of communications between a business and all groups that can help (or hinder) its success. At RPR we cut through the mystique of PR, unlocking the hidden potential in your organisation and communicating that potential to your market.
PR can provide by far the most cost-effective means of informing your target audience about a new product, about a new service or about your business generally. However it cannot work solely on its own as it must be part of a wider range of activities to make it truly successful.
At RPR we spend time getting to know every aspect of the client’s business and by ascertaining key objectives we develop a focused PR and / or marketing communications programme.
With expertise that spans media relations, editorial press, press events, newsletters, social media, sponsorship opportunities, campaigns and events we can put together the right programme for our client’s business and budget.
Let PR open the door to your business.
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