Are you a professional expert in the area of business, health or therapy who would like to raise awareness to the great work you do?  Have you always wanted to write regularly for the media and not sure how to go about it?
Extensive experience in working with a number of professional experts has given me the opportunity to help them create the right PR for their expertise. From developing core messages about their extensive skills to creating new websites and sourcing exciting media opportunities to help raise their profiles. 
Every expert is unique in their skills and how they help and work with others, therefore their PR should also be individual too.
Although PR coverage is harder to achieve, journalists are continually seeking qualified experts to work with either to help with a full editorial, offer comment on a new topic or offer tips and advice on a feature.  We can put your name in front of the journalists and editors and create an ongoing relationship that will certainly help raise your profile.
However, what we also ensure is that your message is clear as to what you do and that your communication channels say that too. 
So that is why we offer more than just PR for experts.
If you are a professional expert looking to develop a media profile and / or to increase awareness to your services then please to give us a call to arrange an initial FREE consultation.


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