What is PR? 

What are your expectations of PR?

Do the words “Marketing” and “PR” make you go cold?

How can PR work for your business?

Who knows your business as well as you?

For many small businesses, PR and marketing is certainly a luxury and not the necessity that it should be.  However sometimes all it takes is for someone to give you a helping hand and guidance through what is viewed by many as a minefield.  We help you by giving you the ability and empowerment to develop, plan and implement a marketing and PR programme that is right for your product/service, so to increase awareness of your business.

The RPR Small Business PR & Marketing Package helps you to develop your marketing programme and to start promoting your product and service to the right target audience.

The package is a combination of three stages and runs over a course of three months during which you will gain the knowledge and confidence to market your business effectively on an ongoing basis.


Stage 1 – Review

This is all about your business, your product and service, key objective and target audience.  We review what the current perception is of your business, previous and existing PR and marketing activities and what they say about who you are and what you do.


Stage 2 – Plan

We create a PR and marketing programme which is tailor made for you and your business, not something we just take off the shelf and use for all our clients.  We work with you on looking at potential new markets and how to attract new customers.


Stage 3 – Refer

To help kick start a PR and marketing programme, during the course of the small business package we will work with you on capturing any PR opportunities that may be of benefit to your business. 


If you are a small business wanting to kick start your PR and marketing communications programme, why not give us a call to arrange an initial free consultation.

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